Banks Arcade Lyrics – Endnote

Hope is denying that we’re lost
Ignorance is bliss until it’s not
We were led to believe this life meant more than you and me
I’m starting to think that we were wrong
Every breathe feels like I’m giving up
The hope we had, was never enough
Give me the life that I’ve been dreaming of

I’m afraid, every single time I feel it fades
Take a look at the mess we made
How the fuck do we live with the shame
In this life, we all feel pain
Is the hope we share all in vain

My eyes are open
I spoke to God he said he isn’t coping
And through the choking I heard a whisper
I don’t want to live forever
I just want to live
Even the best of us doubt our why
Just give me life, and take my mind
I’ll run the course of time

Show me myself in the future
I hope its not like the past
Just like us, we were never meant to last
At last, I realize I’m not mistaken
We are lost
Aimless, misguided
Broken, Divided
I am terrified by the fear of going nowhere
I my see my life flash before my eyes
And I don’t like what I see

This is the sentiment of discontent
These words we pen so we will never forget
This is all we have left

I just want to live
I want it all
You get what you give
And I’ve got nothing, nothing at all

We’ll be here to the bitter end