Boy & Bear Lyrics – Fox Hole

One, two, three, four…

How’d it come to this
Crept up through the aching glow
An unencumbered bliss
It took it’s time and took the moment home

Just a faded lover
Dressed in corduroy blue stone
But I was so disguised in that nobody knew I was alone
And all them pretty girls were laughing
With their goose feathers and collar bones
Light it up

Is this the money maker?
It’s the failure of that wind
And it’s been years since I had seen a face that I had loved again

Ooh oh ooh ooh ooh
More than enough to go right round
But it gets so damn frightening
When you’re holding lightning off the ground

And I was lying in the middle
Just the atheist in a fox hole
Light it up

Light it up, let go
Take the arrow
Light it up, let go
Take the arrow
Just light it up

Did you take the arrow?
Just light it up, let go
Just to keep them down, down

And there was so much paper
Under water vapour
And I tried so hard to find your face
So light it up