Boy & Bear Lyrics – Old Town Blues

To my aching glow
You got a hold of me now
How you rendered slow
But harder than hell to my ground

I’m looking for my old mans’ shoes
I’m kicking off these old town blues

Just don’t leave me here
Cos’ I just won’t survive
There’s a raven hovering
But he’s keeping me alive

I’ve known him all my life
He’s the spirit of a young man mourning
But like the shadow of a carving knife
He’s not the danger but the warning sign
And we’re kicking off easy

I can’t seem to move
I’m paralysed
I’m chocking on my holy mood

Cos I wanna be an old man too
I wanna be a role model to my kids
I wanna teach them how to love
But you gotta show me how to live
And we’re kicking off easy