Brandy – First Class (Freestyle) Lyrics

O (G), (L-A-M)
(O) G, (R-O-U-S, yeah)
Welcome back (First class), Concord (Up in the sky)
Uh-huh, uh-huh (First class), you forgot about me? (Up in the s-, up-up in the s-), yeah

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is
World-famous, one of the greatest
Living legend, did I mention my résumé is amazing?
The game need a breath of fresh air and I’m breathtaking (Ha)
Paintin’ pictures, Cinderella scriptures
But that don’t mean jack in the streets
Jack of all trades, now I’m here jacking for beats
Queens’ cancelled but you could never cancel a queen
Crown concrete stone
An angel in disguise, I roam the earth, God
Like the son of Jehovah’s own
I bear witness to my second coming
A hundred miles I’m running
Still getting money from “Mo’ to the,” I overdone it
Over twenty years and I’m still a topic
A picture with a million, now I’m feeling philanthropic
Forty-three and feeling like a kid with millions watching
Popular but now I’m popping shit for those out of pocket
I went diamond (Are you ready?)
Guess I’m still a gold mine shining
This black excellence at its finest
Don’t call me, “Brandy,” no more, call me, “Your highness”
Built up, filling my brother Ray J glasses
This is passion
You woke up a beast, now it’s madness
Singer slash rapper, rapper slash actress
I’m reachin’ for the crown, you might get a handful of thorns
Or maybe you just wanna be down
I put on for my women
Boss chicks and kings put respect on my name
I was here before memes
Skinny jeans and dope fiends, high on lean
I’m high off life and most times, that’s all you need (Yeah)
And the moral to my story is my chapter is new again
Back on top of the world, sky’s blue again (Blue again)
Doing something people thought I’d never do again (Do again)
For the fans, the hustlers and hooligans, yeah