Brian Wilson – Band Intro Lyrics

[Audience cheers]

[Jeff Foskett:]
Howdy, did you ever think you’d see Brian Wilson at the Roxy. I’m Jeffrey Foskett and I’d like to introduce the other members of this fabulous band that we have.
From Los Angeles, California singing on some great background parts, Miss Taylor Mills
And from Chicago, Illinois, he wants to be introduced as Barbie Cappucino, but his real name is Scott Bennett
And two of the best rhythm section players around, the Tasty Brothers, Mr. Jimmy Hines on drums, Mr. Bob Lizik on bass
And we are fortunate to have with us tonight, from the band Poi Dog Pondering on saxophony and flute and harmonica, Mr. Paul Mertens
And some of you might recognise these fellows, they play here once in a while, they’re called the Wondermints, Mr. Mikey D’Amico, Mr. Nicky Wonder, Probyn Gregory and Mr. Darian Saha-Naja!
And batting clean up tonight, the man we all came to see and hear, the great Brian Wilson