Dissection – Xeper-I-Set Lyrics

Master – typhon – apophis
Dweller beyond the seven stars
Crowned red king – set-hen – amam of the eternal black skies
Thou art the rayed one – erbeth – saatet-ta
Lord of the shining force of night
The wrathful majesty – bolchoseth – hau-hra of anti-cosmic might

Calling upon thee amidst the chaotic angles
I’m praying that thou, o ancient one
Wilt deign to bless my satanic magic
And to bestow upon me thy acausal light
O fiery lord of the black sun
I seek the bloodstained grail of gnosis
So that I may crush the archons’ cosmic lie
Break the laws of maat
With a glance of thy all seeing eye

I invoke thee, possessor of all hidden keys
God of the unknown and the lawless ecstasies
Initiate me, thy most faithful child
In the darkest of mysteries and all pleasurable crimes

Xeper, xeper-i-set
Xeper, xeper-i-set
Xeper, xeper-i-set


I am the cruel one, isfet lives in me
I am the power and total victory
I’m the murderer, who refuses to submit
I am the opponent, the sworn enemy

I invoke thee…

I become thee
I am one with he who grants me the freedom which I seek
The tunnel of darkness reveals the light
As I enter the desert – the desert of set – the kingdom of eternal night!