Four Year Strong – I’m A Big Bright Shining Star Lyrics

I can feel you casting shadows from the far side of the door
But the daylight creeping underneath it makes them easy to ignore
I’m gonna make it out before you take me out
And I’ve got the state of mind that can prove it

This time I’ll stand through the winter, last through the night
Just keep your head down and you’ll be alright
For the last time I try to hide what you’ve been trying to find

Will we go down like the rest of them?
Living up to the little mistakes
Fitting in to the molds I’ve broken time and time again
Not if I can help it

I will never understand how just a few words can break a man
You’ve got to pay for what you say and what you do
I’ll be taking it all in stride
I’ll be leaving it all behind me
So forget everything that you think I know
Everything that you wont let go

I want to know what would it take to make want to you try?
I want to know what would it take to make you die?