Frances Forever Lyrics – Treehouse

Someday you and I will live alone
Way up in the sky in a place that we own
Laughing at our TV that only we can see
Oh, I wanna be
Oh, I wanna be

In a tree
Listening to your favorite songs
Feel the breeze
But we cannot be here for too long
Cause soup’s on and you made it specially for me
Oh I love living in a fucking tree

It’s a treehouse in the middle of Harvard Square
Where we can go when the world is just too much to bear
I can take you to the library and check out 20 books
Or you can kiss me in the living room when I give you that look
I make breakfast, you make dinner
And if we’re tired we’ll have someone deliver
Pizza to our treehouse
Wonder what delivery guy thinks about
Us and our living situation
But all I can think about is how your lips give me heart palpitations

Heart palpitations

Check my temperature
Cause I think I’m lovesick
Get a thermometer
Don’t wanna love you real quick

Oh, don’t wanna love you real qui-i-ick
Oh, oh