Lefty Frizzell Lyrics – An Article From Life

Evening sun had just gone down
On five acres of ground I’m in Georgia
When the back door opened silently
She had made some tea and said here this is for you

Then a man selling magazines stopped
And began talking to my wife
And before he left there well that man had sold her
Twelve months subscriptions to Life

On page twenty-five it said all New York was alive and really swinging
Then page 29 it showed a picture of parties and wine with people singing
Well it wasn’t long until I saved
A thousand dollar bill from the harvest
And I had planned to buy more land
But my baby hit me where it hurts the hardest

She said I’d like to see New York
What could I say except to say that’s fine
And while she was packing my thoughts wandered back and
That article from Life ran through my mind

Oh, New York was still alive at 2 am when we arrived Sunday morning
She said we’d only stay a week
Cause in seven months our first child would be born
She knew it meant the world to me
Still the parties and the wild life changed her mind
She begged to be set free I said it just can’t be
In anger I took my darlings life

Read about the harvest crime turn to page 29
I’m featured in an article from Life