Lefty Frizzell Lyrics – (Honey, Baby, Hurry) Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me

Honey, baby, listen, oh my darling, please listen and hear me
And take those feet of yours and come to me
So you can take those arms of yours and squeeze me
I’d be so happy, things would be right
For you could take those lips of yours and kiss me all the night
So hurry darlin’, I’m in misery
Yes yes, hurry and bring your sweet self back to me

Smile with those eyes of yours, tell me you care
Then take your hands of yours, and run through my hair
And love me darlin’, both night and day
Well, I know just what you’ll do sweetheart
If you feel the same old way
You’ll hurry honey, my sweet baby
Oh yes, you’ll hurry and bring your sweet self back to me

And take those ears of yours, hear what I say
And take those things of yours, and head my way
And don’t be slow hon’, please hurry up
Oh, catch a plane because a train just ain’t fast enough
You’ve been away, dear, too long you see
Oh yes yes, please, please hurry
Bring your sweet self back to me