Lefty Frizzell Lyrics – My House Is Your Honky Tonk

If you’re gonna slip around with my woman
Now why can’t you meet her downtown
You hold her close to my stereo
And leave your beer cans laying around

You use my living room to dance away your blues
I can tell by the big footprints on my woman’s shoes
I don’t know who you are but you’ve got gall
My house is your honky tonk

Everyday while I work my fingers to the bone
You’re with my woman dancing drinking hugging kissing
And I don’t know what all in my home

If someday I decide to get you with my gun
It’ll be just because I’m missing all the fun
You’re loving on my gal but that ain’t all
My house is your honky tonk

When I ask my woman about you
She grins and hums a honky tonk tune
My imagination praises true
And pictures you about eight feet two

I found bout fifty whiskey bottles in my trash
I won’t mess with any man who drinks that much mash
And you don’t even care if you get caught
My house is your honky tonk
My house is your honky tonk