Lefty Frizzell Lyrics – You’re Too Late

If I had someone that’s true
It would thrill me through and through
I’d be happy oh so happy night and day
Seems each one has a perfect mate
But for me I’m always late
And it kills my soul to hear my sweetheart say

Too late, too late you’re too late
I have waited oh so long
But you never did come home
So just go on alone you’re too late

I have built my castles high
Just to watch them fade and die
Makes me wonder if I really have a mate
But I’ll keep looking o’er the hills
For someone and I always will
But maybe it’s just my fate to be too late

Too late, too late you’re too late
When I search for heaven’s door
I hope these words won’t ring no more
And a voice say here’s a gate but you’re too late