M.O.P. – Intro Lyrics

(“Hit ’em”)(“with the real…”)
(“Blow back your whole rap committee”)
(“Hit ’em”)(“with the real…”)
(“Bangin’ ’em and tamin’ ’em
Crackin’ your cranium is Lil Fame and ’em”)
(“The thug nigga, bug nigga, quick to sling a slug nigga”)
(“The ill steel hittas”)
(“Show them niggas what you went through, use your potential”)
Fame and Billy, you know, Boo, Brenner, Beez, Black, C. Black
P. Home, Sugar Shack, they all represent the last generation of M.O.P
(“The con artist, never let a nigga bought us, the artist”)
(“M.O.P., nigga…”)