Mali Music – Gimme Gimme Lyrics

What cha here for
Tell me what cha came here to do
You wanna feel The Lord or did u come because of the show
Either way u good because we know what we came to do
We on a mission and we here to get you
Get cha out the fire
Get cha get cha
Rescue you from the snare
Snatch you outta hell
Cus we know u don wanna go there
Breakthrough is in the building
Deliverance is here
And if u need it
Put cha hands in the air
And yell yea! Gimmie Gimmie! [x8]

[Verse 1:]
I’m tired of meeting up
Feelin one way
Beatin broken down
And I’m needin
And I’m hungry
And I’m wantin
And I leave the way I came
Will I ever change
The church is busy shouting raising offering
And they never ever pay
Attention to the needs
Of the lost anymore
Preaching to themselves and the light
Not the dark anymore
Thus sayeth the Lord
Victory is yours!


[Verse 2:]
The enemy is cold
He kills with no remorse
But in the Bible tells
Me that the Kingdom suffereth violence
But the violent (taketh)
Taketh it by force
We are at war
War in my members
In my mind
Yea we’re fighting all the time
God is on my side
And if He be for me
Tell me who can stand against me
So I let Him be my Shield
I let Him be my Guide
I let Him be my Sword
Victory is mine!


[Bridge:] take it
By force
Take it