Mary Gauthier – A Different Kind Of Gone Lyrics

There’s knots in your stomach
Tightness in my throat
Half the things we say these days
Get hurled back as a quote
We came together easily
But something has gone wrong
The air has gotten heavy
‘Cause I’m leaving
But I’m a different kind of gone

Leaving leads me home to you
Darling try to see
I’m put together needing room
To remember what I need
I froze up once and lost myself
I damn near lost the strength to carry on
Now I’m a different kind of gone

And yes I know
It hurts you when I go
It kills you that I disappeared
After we made love all those nights in a row
But you’re the one I come back to
And when I’m there, I’m really there with you

There’s a tapping on my shoulder
A tugging on my soul
The restlessness that torments you
Is making me whole
You’re the one I’m drawn to
My heart is yours and it don’t carry on
But you must let me go babe, I’ll be back
I’m a different kind of gone
Yeah you gotta let me go babe