Mary Gauthier – The War After The War Lyrics

Who’s gonna care for the ones who care?
For the ones who went to war?
There’s landmines in the living room
And egg shells on the floor
I lost myself in the shadow of your honor and your pain
You stare out of the window as our dreams go down the drain
The war after the war

I get no basic training
I get no purple heart
I’m supposed to carry on
I can’t fall apart
People look at you and thank you for the sacrifice you made
They look at me and smile
Say I’m lucky you’re okay
The war after the war

Well, I’m a soldier too
Just like you
Serving something bigger than myself
And I serve unseen
Caught in between
My pain and the pain of someone else

But I’m stronger than you think I am
I’m right here by your side
I am not your enemy
I don’t wanna fight

There’s no going back in time
I know you’re not the same
But you are not the only one for whom the world has changed
The war after the war