Mary Gauthier – Walk Through The Fire Lyrics

In the darkness it finds me
The terrible fire
It don’t matter how much I pray
The flames leap and burn me
There’s nothing I can do
To make the fear go away
I try to keep moving

Try not to look back
Push really hard on the stone
But I walk through the fire alone

The tree by my window
Turns gray in November
I watch the leaves as they fall
The branches left naked
Reach up so proudly
I wish to cod you would call
But me I’m the dead one
You are the lover
Who loved me right down to my bones
Now I walk through the fire alone

The powers that push me
They move me they own me
They constantly tell me to run
I try not to listen
I try to fight them
But never a battle I’ve won
So let go of lovers
I let go of diamonds
I’ve plenty of sins to atone
While I walk through the fire alone

Hold onto your children
Hold onto your mama
Hold onto the ones that you love
Hold onto your heart
Hold onto your visions
Hold onto what you’re dreaming of
If there’s something missing
Or if you’re hiding from
Someone you long to have known
Then you’ll walk through the fire
Walk through the fire