Mary Gauthier – When A Woman Goes Cold Lyrics

She didn’t get mad
She didn’t even cry
She lit a cigarette
Then she said goodbye
I must have missed a sign
I missed a turn somewhere
When I looked in her eyes
There was a stranger there

It’s the way she’s made
It’s a natural fact
Once she’s really gone
She can’t come back
Ain’t no weddin’ dress
Ain’t no band of gold
Gonna keep her there
When a woman goes cold

You’re no longer her concern
Scorched earth cannot burn
It’s out of your control
When a woman goes cold
She won’t give an inch
She won’t be convinced
Ain’t no mercy in her soul
When a woman goes cold

I wish she’d scream and shout
I wish she’d slam a door
I wish she’d curse my name
Like she did before
But she looks through me
Like I’m not there
And I’m dying here
And she just don’t care