Rosemary Clooney – The Singer Lyrics

How do I thank him, what do I say
For the dreams he made me live for
And the ones I put away?

A thousand and one lights
For the thousand and one nights
When the man came out singing
About losing, about winning

Who was this tough guy
This only happens once guy
Who sang Puccini and Basie
Hung out with Bogie and Tracy?

He wrote his own book
And lived every page
And hung out his tears to dry
Whenever he walked out on stage

How do I say it
‘Cause I can’t say it all?
But it’s not just for me
But for every guy and doll
Those thousand and one lights
They were something to see
All flashing and dancing ’round Caesars’ marquee

The lights were spashed with colors
But the words read bright and clear
And the marquee simply said
“He’s here”