Seven Places – Rise Up Lyrics

The tears are falling as
Your dream has failed again
Life will pass you by and the time is not your friend
They say it can’t be done
Well tomorrow is another day
But tomorrow never comes my friend
So live out your dream today

Rise up, face your destiny
Move those mountains
And walk upon the sea
Rise up from the ground where your dreams are laid
Live your life with a little faith
That’s how miracles are made
So rise up

The tears are falling
As they nailed Him to that tree
His friends had run away from Him
It seemed He lost the victory
His body lifted up but
His dream had held it’s ground
And His Father calling out
Became these world’s sweetest sound

Rise up, you faced your destiny
And you moved that mountain
And you walked upon the sea
Rise up from the ground where Your body lays
You lived your life with a lot of faith
That’s how miracles were made
So rise up