Seven Places – You Are Able Lyrics

One Jesus, I will trust thee with my soul
Guilty, lost, and helpless thou
Can make me whole
There is none (on earth like thee)
There is none (no one I see)
Thou hast died, (sweet sacrifice)
And rose again for me

Lord, i’m letting go you are capable
Lord, you give and take
Yet you are unshakable
This tear in life is mendable
Your stitching so dependable
O Lord Jesus you are able

Jesus, I can trust thy written word
Since thy voice,
Of mercy I have often heard
Faithful is (thy precious promise)
Faithful is (thy blood upon us)
We will sing (sing out loud)
Let salvation ring

I will behold thee
Praise and adore thy
Glory and worth you bring
To broken and messed up things